[Book Review] The Straw King - Isabelle Dethan

This is a Graphic novel (like a comic book) not a written novel or light novel. If you're looking for a book containing only words this might not be the one for you.

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Neith, the daughter of the Pharaoh and a concubine is of age now. While dancing in a ritual before her father and the idol of the goddess she catches the pharaoh (her father) eyeing her, now scared that the Pharaoh will force her to marry him (Note to reader: Yes. Incest was very common in ancient Egypt) and her mother will go to any lengths to maintain her position as the royal concubine (In ancient cultures like Egypt and China concubines held a position of great respect and power) she decides to flee the kingdom with her half-brother Sennedjem, who is the tenth son of the pharaoh (also from a concubine) and has no  future in ruling the kingdom. But the ancient world is full of dangers, and soon enough, the royal pair find themselves sold off to the court of Babylon by slave traders. As a lady-in-waiting, Neith becomes entangled in another royal family’s power struggles, while her brother falls victim to a bizarre religious ritual: the Straw King...


Honestly I don't read Graphic novels (unless they're Japanese Manga) and picking this book was a mistake (I thought it to be a normal written novel) but I am happy I did that, after playing Assassins' Creed: Origins (a RPG game based in Ancient Egypt) I got interested in Egyptian history and culture and it is very well pictured in this book. Well I liked the character of Neith and her bravery to actually leave the kingdom and try to save her brother. Though I feel the story was a bit fast paced and adding a little more insight into how the twins were caught by the slave traders and their wandering days could be entertaining.
The graphics are awesome I liked them very much, the use of color suits the environment and the period it is set in. Over-all I enjoyed the book

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