[Book Review] The Possibility of Somewhere - Julia Day

What happens when the opposite poles of a magnet are forced together? They attract and such is the story of Eden Moore and Ash Gupta, coming from completely different backgrounds and upbringing fate decides to force them together but will they fall in love or just get tangled in what seems to be a friendly rivalry? We are talking about the Young Adult Teenage romance novel by Julia Day, called "The Possibility of Somewhere".

While reading the story I knew, that the review would be a short and easy one because such is the plot. The story follows the lives of Eden Moore, a broke but highly talented girl and Ash Gupta a super rich US-resident Indian with very strict parents (as usually the Indian parents are), they seem to be poles apart but fate has some other plans, their life gets entangled when they start competing for the first rank in the exams, for Eden it is the only way she could get a scholarship and afford going to college and for Ash it is pretty much his parents wish which he cannot deny. They develop a friendly by fierce rivalry and as time progresses they fall for each other.

The whole story is very predictable and it is suited for some old school teenage drama (especially those for which makes fourteen year old American girls go crazy. pun intended). But this pretty much did not work for me, I mean after reading books like The Fault in our Stars and All of the Bright Places you start to expect more though I must accept I loved the narration and the idea behind the book but the plot wasn't that strong.

Do I recommend this book? Well it is a may be from my side, if enjoy those fiction which makes fourteen year old American girls go crazy (or you are one) then may be go for it.

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