[Book Review] The Four Symbols - Giacometti & Ravenne

In a Europe on the verge of collapse, the Nazi organisation Ahnenerbe is pillaging sacred landmarks across the world. Their aim is to collect treasures with occult powers, which will help them establish the Third Reich.
The organisation's head, Himmler, has sent SS officers to search a forgotten sanctuary in the Himalayas, while he tries to track down a mysterious painting. Which ancient power do the Nazis believe they hold the key to?
Meanwhile, in London, Churchill has discovered that the war against Germany will also be a spiritual one: their light must fight the occult if they are to win . . . 
The first installment in the The Black Sun Trilogy, this book takes us back to the most haunting period of the modern history the 1940s when the world war was at its peak with a spiritual and occult twist. Nazi realizing their approaching defeat in the war, sends out SS (Nazi elite forces) teams to search for powerful occult symbols (mainly swastiks ) which they believe hold immense power which shall aid them in their mission of world domination and establishment of the Third Reich. When a Nazi officer (Rudolph Hess) is caught in Scotland and interrogated he reveals existence of the book which describes the location of the four symbols, now Churchill sends his men to hunt those Nazis and secure those symbols
The story is well written with useful plot tools and well designed characters. Though I must admit it exceeded all my expectations, which I had when I choose the book and I am happy to say that this novel can be easily compared to one of Dan Brown's. This book has all the elements of an action packed thriller, suspense and mystery which will keep you hooked to your seat right from the first chapter. The book is amazingly descriptive and keeps straight to the point.
I highly recommend this book, rating it at 4.3 out of 5.


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