[Book Review] Ubiety - Grzegorz Kunowski

Have you ever question who we are? Or more precisely what we are? Are we the body or the soul and, if we are the soul why can't we see it or perhaps find any scientific evidence to comply with the assertion? Have you ever wondered that is the reality even real? Like me, many of you may find these thoughts intriguing and if you do, this book review is for you.

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Though the story is very short (about 90 pages) it is very complex it may take quite a many reads to understand it (the story) but as you read you can easily grasp the philosophy, the ideas, the author wants to portray. And I personally believe this book is more about the ideas than the story
 Today I bring you the review of a thought-provoking Philosophical Sci-Fi Fantasy (to be honest I am still confused about the genre of the book, it is Sci-Fi filled with philosophy with a touch of Fantasy) literature Ubeity, a debut authored by Grzegorz Kunowski a young Russian author with indeed a brilliant mind. The story follows Adam Johnson struggling with the ghosts of his pasts in a dystopian future where the earth is nearing its end. The story starts with a simple but deep philosophical question "What is real and what isn't?" The whole world can be just a stimulation, a dream or just maybe nothing. This is what intrigued me the most. As a Hindu, we are taught the concept of Maya, that the world is nothing but a false stimulation, a dream which is woven by the Supersoul (the ultimate reality, the god) as a test for the soul to escape the cycle of birth and death and merge itself with the god of which it was a part.

The title "Ubiety" itself means belonging somewhere and it somewhat loosely defines the whole concept behind the novella. The protagonist Adam is searching for belonging, questioning the very aspect of reality and relationships. The story is portrayed through a series of dream sequences, hallucinations and what seem to be real events but it is very hard to differentiate between them given the complex writing. About the character design, Adam is a person rational person who literally thinks too much, which results in him over-analyzing everything, he is haunted by his past and form what I interpreted is a deeply unhappy person trying to find a place to belong.

The Story as Whole is very difficult to understand given the very complex writing, I don't mean it in a negative way, it is highly sophisticated and very descriptive (I mean very) but the author must keep in mind that the audience is the general public which may find this very complex. To be honest, it is very hard to keep track of events, when you read it you often forget how you reached there and you have to start over (I personally have read this 4-5 times and am still confused). About the theme, it is very dark and I personally like these types of stories given they are understandable.

Well, to be honest, I don't know if I should recommend this book to you because I did not understand the story well, but I liked the philosophy behind it and if you can bear with it then go ahead give it a shot.

"Out of the entire world's timeline that we cannot even label or comprehend as it is simply so prodigious, and we fail to even mark a tiny scratch on this timeline."

- Grzegorz Kunowski, Ubeity

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