[JOURNAL] ENTRY #01: Bad Relationships

Somedays agone, I was seated with two of my very good friends at the new mall which was inaugurated last year. Our topic was to save our friend's ass from his failing relationship, and drive up a strategy so that his soon to be ex-girlfriend couldn't put the whole blame on our innocent pup 🐶.

The case was his "Girlfriend" was acting very infatuated with her best-friend's guy friend and this was bothering him, as always I advised him to talk to her but she assured him that everything was alright and that was just his imagination, but the case went on as usual. She would ignore his chats, etc (can't get into any more details cause it will get personal.)

But from her actions, I pretty much deducted that she was trying to make him jealous so that they may argue on the topic, and she could use this as an excuse to break up with him, hence putting the whole blame on him and labeling him as controlling and the society, well the society will always blame the boy because feminism is the new fashion. 

So we decided to ignore these provocations and kill her by kindness. And finally, she confessed. It went well and our friend was saved from the blame which would fall on him.

So, why does the couple which seemed so in love just a few months ago, was forced to comply to heinous psychological manipulative tactics to get rid of their love? Well, the thing is sometimes, people fall of out love and are too coward to actually admit it. As some of my western friends may think, it is not the persons' fault to 'fall out of love' but I think it is because people fall off out love when they stop trying to actually remain in love when their priorities change and they simply use the phrase 'falling out of love' to actually cover for their infidelity.
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