[Book Review] A Drop of You - Krishna Chhetri

A drop of You authored by Krishna Chhetri, and published by Quignog (an imprint of Pirates Publishing India) is a contemporary romance novel but in a Shakperean tongue which I find a bit troubling because the audience which is the contemporary teenagers enjoy stories written in vernacular and simple language which is easy to read and understand, and does not seem like something which you are forced to read while doing your Literature honors.

As I have already mentioned before the language is very hard, like a sentence from the story reads:

"My dear beloved, don't be a guest in my heart. I plead thee to bless me by making it your abode for perpetuity" 
- Krishna Chhetri, A Drop of You 

The whole dialogues between the two lead roles (Karma & Ghazal) are in this form. I struggled when I begin with this book cause I usually into contemporary fiction and the oldest work I had ever read is the Sherlock Holmes franchise by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published in the late 19th Century, yet I find the language simpler and easier than this.

The major characters in this story are Karma (the narrator), Diana (his possessive childhood friend) and Ghazal (the love interest of Karma). Karma and Daina are introduced to Ghazal through mutual a friend, Ghazal is closed, cautious and well you can say always has her guard up, but Karma and Ghazal instantly hit off due to their mutual love for literature, Diana gets possessive of her childhood friend. Well I am not going to share anymore of the story because it might give away the major twists and perhaps entire story (after all it is a simple sweet story) but let me tell you that you won't regret reading this book.

Though I liked the overall story and the characters I felt the story to be a bit straight forward in the beginning especially when Ghazal and Karma start talking and fall in love, it might be that I did not comprehend the situation correctly, given the complex language but I liked the ideals portrayed in the story. The author has done a great job with the character personalities and the philosophy of love portrayed in the book.

The only downside of the book, I felt was the complex language but I would strongly recommend you, read it.

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