Mahabharatee - Shruti H. Gupte

For the last time Draupadi throws a glance at her untied tresses; for the last time she looks into the eyes that have become bright with unshed tears. These eyes have been chasing vengeance like a hunter follows a spoor. She raises her index finger and points it towards her mirror image. She shouts – “I will ensure that a war must happen.” While the stars are growing dim in the pre-dawn sky, the matriarch of Kuru dynasty – Satyavati -- arrives on the battlefield of Kurukshetra to hold a discussion with Kunti, Gandhari, Draupadi and Rukmini. She is determined to bring a peaceful settlement to prevent the war in her dynasty. On the other hand, Draupadi, burning in the fire of revenge for last thirteen years desperately wants this war to happen. While the court is divided in two amongst the women of Kuru dynasty, Rukmini joins the discussion. Along with her, she brings a new perspective. Could the discussion between the five women change the course of Mahabharata? "It makes a deeply engaging and interesting read, beyond doubt."

— Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

General Information
Title Mahabharatee: 
Five Women who held court before the war
Author Shruti H. Gupte
Publisher Pirates Publishing India


Mahabharatee, perhaps a late entry in the Indian Mythological fiction league, a novel by Mrs. Shruti Hajirnis Gupte an accountant by profession she takes the reader to the night before the commencement of the great war of Mahabharata in an alternate timeline where Draupadi the wife of five Pandavas is lying on her hay bed in her camp gazing at the stars and reminiscing her past, her glorious days as the Queen of the most powerful kingdom, Indraprashta, her luxuries, her insult at the Kuru Court, the attempt of disrobing her by Dushasana, her oath not to tie her hairs untill the kauravas are destroyed, her exile with her husbands to the forest news reaches her that Mata Satyavati, the matriarch of Kuru Dynasty, wife of King Shantanu and step-mother of Bheeshma invites her and the other prominent women of the Kuru dynasty and affiliates to held a court to formulate a doctrine to prevent the bloodshed and bring a peaceful settlement; While Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas is burning in her fire of revenge who is determined make sure that the war must happen and the evil must be punished will Satyavati be able to resolve the conflict?
The great Indian epic retold in the form of flashbacks and conversations between the characters, the language is simple and vernacular. Though I felt the character of Draupadi is a little-bit deviated from what was portrayed in the epic Mahabharata, it can be certainly excused to give the story a modern flair. Though there might be certain deviations from an actual plot like Satyavati actually existing during the Kurukshetra episode, overall the story is absolute lovable
The story is narrated in the manner which appeals to the modern reader, though not as popular or thrilling like the books by Amish, This book deserves a place on your shelf.

Cover Design

The book is hardcover bounded with rugged and rough texture with feels good to the hand, cover design is truly beautiful with Draupadi with her untied tresses encamping the events of Mahabharata, symbolizing Draupadi's insult at the court being the immediate cause of the war, the cover designer is indeed a genius to produce such an aesthetic peice of art. 

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